Sheeft Your Business, Enjoy Life.

Having problems finding messages on the computer that you’ve sent from your mobile phone? Not sure how to adjust the settings on your computer and smartphone? Concerned about data safety? Thinking about backup solutions?

Our plans include all software apps you already use and know, only now you can access them from any device, anytime and anywhere, with full customer support.

Time to take your measurestry Sheeft calculator!

Work wherever you want

All plans include SharePoint, giving you 1 terabyte of cloud storage. This means your data is always available and you can work from anywhere, even at the beach.

Don’t worry about security

Your data is protected against attacks and malicious software, and stays your own because Microsoft doesn’t read anyone’s mail. Besides, our customer support is at your disposal whenever you might need it.

Communicate with ease

Lost documents or missed appointments are a thing of the past with SharePoint. Raise your internal communication to the next level - try out Yammer Enterprise Social Network.


You’ve already invested in IT infrastructure, enterprise software, old Exchange and other servers, but can clearly tell there’s a better solution for your business? Want your business to be connected and complemented with cloud services? Busy is the right professional business solution to help you make that transition.



If you appreciate ease of use and convenience, and want a professional business solution because you care about the security of your e-mails and documents, but your company doesn’t have an IT department or servers nor do you particularly want them? Easy is the right choice for you!



What to further enhance your digital office, ensure the absolute security of your data, simplify business processes and have someone to always make sure that everything works?

Choose the Sheeft Smart solution.

  • Data Vault

    Keep your data from getting lost!

    Lightning strikes, power failures, computer viruses, accidental deletion of documents – no more unpleasant surprises as your data is safe and secure in the cloud. We unfortunately only realize the true value of our data when it’s lost, so don’t hesitate – back it up! With Microsoft Azure PC Backup your digital assets are protected and secure at all times, no matter what.

    • Daily data storage independent of your computer
    • Data is protected and available whenever you need it
    • Pay only for what you use
    • Sheeft is there for you – 24/7
  • Mail Vault

    Mail communication you can’t lose

    Save all your emails, retrieve them when needed and save space. Upgrade Office 365 Exchange Online with the Barracuda Message Archiver tool for archiving the entire email communication of your company.

    • All your emails are safe and available when you need them
    • Easy access and searching
    • Unlimited space
    • Pay only for what you use
    • Sheeft is there for you – 24/7
  • Total Support

    Fix problems before they happen.

    All you really want from your IT system and equipment is that they work. We make this possible. Total Support frees you from worrying about technology, hardware, software, updates and everything else that is not your primary business venture. Your IT system will be under constant supervision of experts, protected from viruses and malicious software. We’ll fix every problem before you notice that it even exists.

    With Total Support, your computers are under constant surveillance, which enables us to remove potential problems even before the customer is aware of their existence.

    • Complete protection of your hardware (computers, mobile phones, tablets) from viruses and malicious software
    • Management, supervision and installation of operating system updates and patches
    • Supervision of the entire IT system with the option to create reports
    • Automated setup of email profiles, VPNs and Wi-Fi certificates on mobile phones
    • Easy administration of all devices


We decided to leave IT support to Sheeft, and are very happy with the choice. I couldn’t recommend them more!

Denis Smolar, Dedes d.o.o.

We use Office 365 for performing daily business tasks on all our devices. That’s why we can easily meet the demands of our clients and deliver requested data in a very short period of time, regardless of whether we are at the office, or on-site.

Tihomir Orečić, Tihomar Nekretnine

We managed to considerably facilitate administrative tasks with the help of Office 365 ProPlus for Students.

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