You’ve already invested in IT infrastructure, enterprise software, old Exchange and other servers, but can clearly tell there’s a better solution for your business?
Want your business to be connected and complemented with cloud services?
Busy is the right professional business solution to help you make that transition.

Worth-while renovation

Get ready to renovate your office and make people say “WOW”. First, we’ll talk over the phone, and then meet face-to-face. We want to know everything about you and your needs, so we can carefully size you up and use that information to tailor-fit your new digital office. While you relax, we will transfer all existing data to the new platform without disrupting your business processes. As soon as everything is in place we will hand you the keys to your new digital experience.

Everything right where it should be

Your new office runs like clockwork – data is secure, software automatically updates, support and maintenance is available 0-24 – your “IT guy” can finally do something else besides maintaining the system. Your entire business is operating without any unpleasant surprises. All employees are interconnected and can access all vital documents, at any time.

I have everything I need – no more, no less

Sheeft provides you with just the right amount of services as you need, paying for something you do not use is out of the question. Simply choose your services, and we’ll tune, adjust and customize them to fit your every need – including Microsoft Office 365! Discover all features complementing your new digital office with Office 365.

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