Answers to frequently asked questions about our services.

What is Sheeft?

These are the three things: software, services and support.

What kind of service is this?

Personalized and complete. You just keep working and leave the technology to us. We’ll study your business environment and suggest various solutions, all according to your wishes, needs and capabilities. We’ll migrate your system (transfer data and settings to the new system) and be at your disposal for all later adjustments.

What about software? Is it actually Office 365?

Yes, but we offer other similar solutions to our more demanding customers, like Microsoft Azure and InTune. In the future Sheeft will offer other services.

Why can’t you tell me the price right now?

Because it’s personal service, tailored for your needs. As soon as you get a deal, we’ll send you an offer.

I’ve seen Office 365 offered for less elsewhere.

You saw right. Buying off the rack is always cheaper than getting something tailor-made.  Our prices are higher since they include not only software, but also service and support as well. We believe that if you add the migration, installation, customization and professional consultation costs, as well as the value of our 0-24 support, to the price of our basic software plan, you will see our prices as extremely correct and fair.

How do I pay for Sheeft?

The software itself is paid via annual subscription, with the exception of the Azure platform, which is charged per minute and bought as prepaid credit. Current state evaluation is free of charge, except for extremely large IT systems, while the installation and data migration services to Office 365 are charged on a one-time basis or as part of the monthly support plan – depending on the arrangement.

Office 365

Answers to frequently asked questions about Microsoft Office 365

What is Office 365 and how is it different from Microsoft Office installed on my PC?

Office 365 is a subscription plan service for accessing and using MS Office applications and productivity services over the Internet (cloud services):

  • Web conferencing service Microsoft Skype for Business Online
  • Content management & Team collaboration platform SharePoint Online
  • Exchange Online e-mail hosting services for enterprise customers
  • Additional OneDrive storage…

Numerous subscription plans are available for Office 365 encompassing the latest version of Office suite applications that users can install on multiple computers and devices…

All Office 365 plans (directly purchased via Microsoft Office365 Home) are paid through monthly or annual subscriptions.

What about future need for additional licenses?

They can be added as soon as you need them.

What happens to the license if the person using it leaves the company; can we cancel it and get a refund?

The license is based on an annual subscription model so if it becomes “redundant” you cannot just terminate the subscription, but you can choose not to renew it after one year.  If one person leaves the company and another one joins, the license can be reassigned to that person and renewed as usual.

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